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Vakif Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF     

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Vakif Emeklilik corporate overview
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according to the position of the fund's alternative investment instruments
CriterionWeeklyMonthly3 Monthly6 MonthlyYTD1 Year3 Year
Emtia Funds Index2.3611.775.459.4017.9116.894.33
Foreign Funds Index0.353.926.3412.0819.9123.3655.47
Money Market Funds Index0.150.692.084.075.338.1121.20
T.Bill and Bond Funds Index0.070.441.793.314.417.7320.94
Flexible Funds Index-
FM 50 Index-0.17-0.470.050.501.465.4918.84
FM 30 Index-0.17-0.490.030.451.375.2718.20
Mixed Funds Index-0.87-2.56-4.53-5.16-4.98-0.8714.59
Basket Funds Index-1.961.682.949.1016.1017.5645.60
Vakif Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF-1.97-7.39-13.67-15.84-15.48-10.155.11
Stock Funds Index-2.42-4.92-8.38-7.04-6.45-0.6023.01
Note:  Changes are expressed as % , The above tables do not have data on the last day of some tools for calculating rates of return are based on the previous business day.
one month of data
DatePriceDailyMonthlyAnnualNOIPortfolio ValueOccRepoStockFSMMotherPD
Remarks:  Changes are expressed as % , NOI Number of Investors, N/A-Not Available (No data or Not Yet Established).
changes in the fund on an annual basis from month to month
2003          -0.5416.7320.04
2014-8.681.0510.657.586.94-1.172.39-1.31-7.087.668.11 24.28
20153.58-4.81-5.345.16-0.91-1.71-2.79     -14.46
Note:  Changes Are expressed in%, on some dates in the table above that the fund data calculated for the change.
benchmarks and performance comparison
Remarks:  Changes are expressed as % , NOI Number of Investors, N/A-Not Available (No data or Not Yet Established).
with these funds and the returns of funds in the same class
FundDailyorderMontlyorder1 YearorderYTDorder
Axa Emeklilik Alternative Flexible Growth PMF 0.41330.3118.7152.584
Vakıf Emeklilik Flexible Growth Oriented Participation PMF 0.55270.1926.7072.115
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.3334-0.0231.2215-3.6216
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik International Composite Growth PMF 0.6924-0.36422.74116.831
Asya Emeklilik Flexible Growth Oriented Participation PMF 0.4332-0.40510.4534.743
Avivasa Emeklilik Growth Oriented Performance Flexible PMF 0.5528-0.6064.499-1.9713
Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.4431-0.7873.9512-1.069
Cigna Finans Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.9620-0.7883.0313-3.1714
Katılım Emeklilik Purpose Alternative Growth Stocks PMF 1.2018-0.8399.5641.097
Avivasa Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.5626-0.93104.2110-1.3911
Allianz Yasam ve Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.7123-1.05111.5014-3.3715
ING Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.4530-1.06124.848-0.828
ING Emeklilik Composite Growth PMF 0.5129-1.33134.0411-1.5912
Axa Emeklilik Purpose Flexible Growth PMF 0.6625-1.52141.1716-4.7917
Asya Emeklilik Growth Oriented Equity Participation PMF 1.2813-1.911510.4921.996
Ergoisvicre Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 0.7522-2.01168.066-1.1910
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Flexible Growth Turuncu PMF 0.8121-2.0417-0.3018-6.2818
MetLife Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.366-2.6418-7.0532-11.8027
Garanti Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.339-3.3119-0.8020-8.0619
Allianz Yasam ve Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.562-3.3220-5.1428-11.7726
ING Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.0719-3.3621-2.0322-9.1520
Halk Emeklilik Growth Stocks PMF 1.443-3.5122-6.6231-12.0928
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.2515-3.6623-4.6827-11.4925
Axa Emeklilik Equity Growth Purpose PMF 1.2516-3.6724-3.2725-10.6524
Cigna Finans Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.415-3.7125-2.9524-12.9330
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Stock Growth Beyaz PMF 1.2812-3.7826-0.7719-9.3123
Allianz Hayat ve Emeklilik ISE 30 Index Specialized PMF 1.2911-3.7927-0.8721-9.2922
BNP Paribas Cardif Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.2514-3.8528-6.2430-13.0231
Ziraat Emeklilik Purpose Growth Stocks PMF 1.358-3.9629-8.6234-14.9734
Groupama Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.3110-4.1430-5.8129-13.1232
Avivasa Emeklilik Stock Growth Group PMF 1.367-4.2931-4.3126-12.2129
Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik Emerging Growth Oriented Flexible Retirement EYF 3.161-4.6432-2.252310.022
Vakif Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.2017-4.7433-8.3833-14.4633
Ergoisvicre Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 1.434-5.1534-0.1417-9.2221
Average1.05 -2.37 1.03 -5.10 
Remarks:  Changes are expressed as % , NOI Number of Investors, N/A-Not Available (No data or Not Yet Established).
members of the funds' portfolio (the first 10%)
FundPortfolio CountDailyMonthly3 Months1 Year3 YearYTD
Is Bank Type B Liquid Mutual Fund 1530.020.732.178.6521.955.68
Ak Asset Short Term Debt Fund 1360.030.682.027.5320.585.00
Is Bank Type A Affiliate Companies Mutual Fund 1351.22-4.44-12.21-4.6017.67-10.22
Is Bank Type A ISE Technology Index Mutual Fund 1340.01-5.76-3.5437.3564.7915.89
Strateji Securities Type A Variable Mutual Fund 1181.43-5.88-8.584.3329.52-1.26
Garanti Bank Type B Gold Mutual Fund 118-1.697.753.8715.522.1916.04
Ak Asset Gold Fund 109-1.667.804.0915.862.5216.18
Is Bank Type B Bond Fund Short Term Bond 1040.030.631.897.3019.224.73
Is Bank Type A Equity Mutual Fund 1031.41-2.18-9.43-5.1916.25-9.71
Garanti Bank Type A ISE 30 Index Mutual Fund 951.46-2.70-10.24-5.3315.33-11.42
Ak Asset Intensive Bist 30 Index Fund Shares 931.49-2.66-10.23-5.0018.09-11.51
YKB Type B Liquid Twelfth Umbrella Fund Sub Fund 930.030.782.328.8022.875.83
Ak Asset Fund Long-Term Debt Instruments 890.42-0.05-0.065.5619.420.30
Ak Asset Mutual Fund 880.100.621.649.2421.204.70
Garanti Bank Type A Equity Mutual Fund 881.43-3.31-10.52-1.4823.62-7.80
Garanti Bank Type B Liquid Mutual Fund 840.030.772.288.7622.395.81
Garanti Bank Type B FlexiVariable Mutual Fund 800.120.791.189.5426.374.88
Is Bank Type A Variable Mutual Fund 790.53-0.58-3.223.7511.20-1.81
Is Bank Type B T.Bill and Bond Mutual Fund 760.150.070.653.0812.640.91
Ak Asset Intensive Equity Shares Fund 751.43-3.35-11.45-6.7710.85-12.07
Is Bank Type A ISE 30 Index Mutual Fund 741.47-2.78-10.42-5.7316.58-11.59
Akbank A Type Umbrella Fund Sub Fund Shares Intensive Second Affiliated Premium Equity Fund 671.41-4.48-14.52-11.305.60-15.42
ATA Turkish Fixed Income Long Duration Optimised 640.65-0.19-0.565.5826.61-1.66
Garanti Bank Type B T.Bill and Bond Mutual Fund 640.140.241.476.1220.283.29
Is Bank Type B Variable Mutual Fund 640.020.621.376.1512.363.17
Strateji Securities Type A Risk Management Equity Mutual Fund 630.66-1.300.7015.4530.4411.77
YKB A Type ISE 100 Index Fund (Intensive Fund Shares) 631.47-2.52-10.15-4.5118.59-10.25
Akbank B Type Connected Umbrella Fund Franklin Templeton US FCC First Sub Fund 621.910.226.2740.14138.2828.80
Yapi Kredi Bank Type B Variable Growth Mutual Fund 610.24-0.060.425.4120.211.80
Yapi Kredi Securities Type A Koc Affiliates Fund 601.05-1.46-5.7316.7358.711.69
Is Bank Type B Growth B T.Bill and Bond Mutual Fund 590.38-0.47-0.783.2213.50-1.65
Yapi Kredi Bank Type B Mid Term Bonds and Bills Fund 550.100.341.677.4823.614.12
Is Bank Type A ISE Financials Index Mutual Fund 531.42-3.95-13.25-11.064.43-15.27
Yapi Kredi Securities Type A ISE 30 Index Mutual Fund 521.39-2.67-10.29-3.7217.33-10.55
Ak Asset Foreign Equity Fund 521.18-0.560.6318.0188.6419.05
ATA Turkish Balanced Retrun 520.94-1.73-5.171.2026.36-6.50
Allianz Yasam ve Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF 501.56-3.32-10.73-5.1418.87-11.77
Is Bank Type A Mixed Money-Box Mutual Fund 500.73-1.08-4.08-0.1715.51-4.34
YKB A Type Umbrella Fund Shares Second Affiliated Sub Fund (Intensive Fund Shares) 451.40-2.75-10.97-1.8417.78-8.80
YKB Type B Umbrella Fund Bills and Bonds Eurobond Eleventh Sub Fund 45-0.353.996.4029.2749.9719.50
Ak Asset Fund Medium-Term Debt Instruments 450.110.301.667.2625.113.96
Avivasa Emeklilik Government Bonds and Bills Income PMF 450.44-0.30-0.314.4718.41-0.41
Allianz Yasam ve Emeklilik Flexible PMF 440.33-0.40-0.324.0819.100.38
Finans Securities Type A Variable Mutual Fund 441.72-5.33-16.675.5731.65-9.71
Is Bank Type B Foreign Securities Fund Global Stock Exchanges 441.41-1.07-1.7617.6958.3112.30
Yapi Kredi Securities Type B Long Term Bonds and Bills Mutual Fund 420.23-0.120.395.5519.951.47
Avivasa Emeklilik Flexible Growth PMF 410.56-0.93-2.654.2117.38-1.39
Yapi Kredi Securities Type A Variable Mutual Fund 400.94-1.97-7.56-3.6713.42-7.46
Yapi Kredi Bank Type A Mixed Mutual Fund 400.61-1.33-4.73-0.6821.53-4.39
HSBC Securities Type A ISE 30 Index Mutual Fund 401.50-2.86-10.64-4.7714.29-11.43
Is Bank Type B Gold Mutual Fund 39-1.727.383.8515.571.9715.93
Is Bank B Type Foreign Securities Global Debt Instruments Fund 38-0.783.335.5528.3156.0920.59
Yapi Kredi Bank Type B Variable Mutual Fund 380.060.371.556.5619.293.96
Remarks:  Changes are expressed as % , NOI Number of Investors, N/A-Not Available (No data or Not Yet Established).
more information
NameVakif Emeklilik Stock Growth PMF
ClassificationPension Funds > Private > Growth and Other > Growth Funds
IPO Date11/17/2003
Minimum transaction amount1
Trading Floor minimum1
Management Fee0.0000750000
Amount of Funds100,000,000 TL
AdministratorVakıf Portfolio
Fund GroupVakif Emeklilik
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