"what type of investor am I?" In part, what type of investor you are and you'll learn your personal risk profile. Very low risk areas, risk areas so whether you're a person, when investment decisions you will learn what it means.
"risk map" in our investors' individual risk profiles in parallel with each investment fund are cataloged and visual as supported by information to find, already have made risk profiles depending on the features appropriate for your investment funds will be created a short list you will see.
"choice" part of the investment funds might be questioned by any criteria, comparing the results to analyze the chart as you can see. According to the alternative means you can choose.
"portfolio" section to both your short list you have created a special fund that may create their own portfolio, to follow and more than one account with the bank's mutual funds and brokerage firms can pursue.
"market" section, you invest with Asset Allocation funds will bring you to the general market, you will provide information about the general structure of the market.
"indexes", FonMarket.com of developed, market and types of all in evaluating the performance of objective and reliable indicators that act as a barometer.
"fund education center" section, Courses, Frequently Asked Questions, Glossary and Additional Information sections with the Turkish investors informed and knowledgeable in the decision to take money and to give direction to help is intended. Not only investment funds that issue is not limited to, starting from the basic narrative is easy, we have designed an educational and rewarding.


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