People often prefer to be risk-free investments. But the risk is not possible to obtain the folding yield. Because due to the risk of return you receive. Mutual fund reviews according to the plan before any money in your head you need to know which funds you can get. Mutual Fund Market Risk Map which is a bird's eye by looking at how much the fund earned and to what extent you can see it doubled the risk. The bottom table, you will see matrix of risks and returns. The lower left portion of the table to express the lowest risk and lowest return in the table top and the right-hand box, the highest risk to get the best return for enduring etteğiniz funds could see again. In short, the risk incurred in the table and returns the result obtained the funds from you getriyi summarizes and classifies according to the level of risk incurred and indicate the appropriate boxes.

Risk Map of your personal risk profiles in parallel to each mutual fund investors have been categorized as supported by visual information and you will find.
172 Funds 56 Funds 8 Funds
Low Risk High Return Zone  
25 Funds
Medium Risk High Return  
0 Funds
High Risk High Return (Can take risks)
1 Funds
26 Funds
Low Risk Medium Return  
141 Funds
Medium Risk Medium Return (Low Risk Areas)  
31 Funds
High Risk Medium Return  
4 Funds
176 Funds
Low Risk Low Return (those without risk)
6 Funds
Medium Risk Low Return
25 Funds
High Risk Low Return
3 Funds
34 Funds
0.02 0.63


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