Fund market is growing, growing and changing needs of investors, the current classification Type A, Type B and Species broadly adequate, but in the present case of a species can be various kinds of investment instruments, and this, of course, affect the returns of investors to make comparisons difficult.
Turkey's economy grows and gets stronger relationships with foreign investors, investment funds, the impact of this situation, type and species of funds yurtdışındakinden a little different so sometimes have difficulty explaining to foreign investors, the new classification also eliminates this problem.
But most importantly, you'll earn what you receive fund investors to know which building this is a statement that because, now that you always will be similar to the type of fund, for example, 80% fixed income instruments min Bonds bon If you have funds in the OR, and Intensive Stock If you receive funds from the stock will be at least 75%.



TYKD: In this study, TURKISH INTITUTIONAL INVESTMENTS MANAGERS ASSOCIATION has made, short of funds to organizations that formed a union, more knowledge of the purposes of the funds investors, to better explain and it made ​​all the necessary initiatives, was a long, almost 4 years working closely studied, debated dozens of times toplanılıp , originally in the investors' requests and for the benefit of both the manager and have worked to the most appropriate classification.

FONMARKET.COM: We also participated in the study at each stage, all the technical information, know-how and ability to analyze've added, in addition to the classification result of each stage, which will fund where we have calculated the simulated situation and possible, the algorithms developed, and to test TKYD provided, so that always controlled the process fairly well defined.

SPK: Capital Markets Board of Turkey, and of course the only institution in the Capital Markets Investment Funds under the regulations of this institution, helped us every step of work done, and continuous information was given, the necessary control and editing of the final stage of the study and finalized by the date 29.12.2011 and by Decision No 44/1174 gave approval.


  • First, we changed the classification of funds received for the agency not to call the information do not need all the funds on this site can do analysis based on the new classification.
  • very useful to me this change, now that I have the funds or the like, with full compare, review the decision every time I switch back
    Now, I do not want the risks do not need to
  • inability, for example, min 75% of the stock I believe that the money deposited on different branch circuits
    "Intensive Equity Fund" I will

    Well, what type of classification, and such funds eventually got a new funding?



    All funds need to talk about how sınıflandırğımızdan At this stage, In fact, the comparison
    funds classified according to the criteria. Comparison
    measure means: The Fund is managed by a particular strategy After making a real success with this strategy and operations is essential to determine whether they are.
    Determine the same type of comparison to determine the Fund's strategy. In short, the criteria for measuring success measure of comparison. For example, fund invests in repurchase agreements and repurchase return and want to be compared.
    Yes, exactly like this was the fund classification. If the fund makes the investment of treasury bills by 80% min min in 80% of hits at that time whether they should be compared to funds that invest in treasury bills. BONDS BOND FUNDS classified under this fund so that the new classification.

    Below you can see the schema of
    Fund Classification


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